It is ... ... with the among I write it as "among" in English.
We made "amangu". ・・I am mixed in ... among ... between ... and.
For a person and the encounter spot where we are various at various places I suggest helpful machine wound.

In the site, approximately 900 tsubos, warehousing of the large car are possible, too.


We help engineering works, building, environment improvement I maintain machine wound and contribute to the society


Meaning of the AMANG Corporation symbol mark
It is a symbol mark with a sun as a motif.
To employees
We are imagining the joy, happiness and affluence that grows and grows with the sunlight.
To Society
The sun creates a new sun and light for people, creating an affluent society.
"That energy will last forever"


Thank you for you seeing a homepage.

A wise remark of Shingen Takeda who is a famous admiral of the age of civil strife in our company if "is diligent, wisdom appears". A complaint is given if half-done. An excuse is given if irresponsible. I make use of these words and start wisdom without forgetting assiduity including me for all the employees life, and "right aims at the company which can meet the needs of the visitor.

In addition, I value daily information to cope with the change in the times "to make the machine which a maintenance company thought" about, and to change as , a basic policy, and to go and want to continue developing with a visitor toward the future.


Representative Director Atsuya Yoshimoto (born on October 7, 1978)


Company NameIncorporated company AMANG.
Location6-6-21, Yokoshoji-cho, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 579-8063
EstablishmentSeptember 9, 1993
RepresentativeRepresentative director Atsuya Yoshimoto

Our Business

Repair Maintenance
  • Ground improvement machine (high pressure jet relations, medicinal solution infusion relations others) Mixing plant (each maker)
    High place security work top (Genie Jeannie, AWP et al.)
Machine Sale
  • Construction machinery and foundation improvement machine each brand item
  • Height safety work stand (Genie Genie and AWP)
  • Pile driver and (LM500-110) and so on (we'll produce a control system of tools.)
  • In-house product
  • Any inquiry, please contact us
Used sale
  • Construction machinery and a foundation improvement machine (check repair / maintenance delivery is possible)
  • Others
In-house Product
  • All automatic mixing plant AMG series
  • Microminiature ground improvement plane QI-mini8
  • Mortar flowmeter AMI-50
  • for all automatic liquid medicine compounding plant SSA-AQ (plane for exclusive use of the silica shot ace)
  • for grout pumps radio wireless remote controller comfortable black kite AMR-1
  • Three directions air reshuffling valve ACV-3
  • automatic grease AG-1000S
  • Additionally special series we'll handle it.
Rental/ Lease
  • Jet grout mechanic religious affair boring machine
  • mixing plant
  • High pressure pump
  • A mortar flowmeter and other general-purpose machines
  • In addition, please ask.